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Я считаю что общество в котором у каждого есть право носить оружие - это легитимный вариант цивилизованного общества.

Я также считаю, что право носить оружие связано с множеством других вещей в Америке.

Например, американский вариант свободы слова, при котором можно обсуждать множество агрессивных идей и не оказываться при этом за решеткой - тоже право носить оружие.

Я хорошо помню как лишенное иммунитета "безопасное" советское общественное согласие разлетелось в мелкие дребезги после снятия запретов. И я убежден, что при необходимости быстрой абсорбции лавины социально-технических изменений, сегодняшняя Америка окажется одним из наиболее прочных обществ, далеко впереди сегодняшней Европы или сегодняшнего Китая.

Но все имеет свою цену.


Jun. 12th, 2004 12:29 am
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An interesting lecture by colonel David Grossman.

Sunday 2 May 1999. Produced by Chris Bullock. Program Transcript
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There's one group of individuals on the battlefield who are dying at a higher rate. The medics, the chaplains that move from body to body on the battlefield, in the front lines, die at a higher rate, and yet they appear not to suffer nearly the same incidence of psychiatric casualties. Why? The bottom line is, they've got no responsibility to kill.
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Between 115 and 145 hearthbeats per minute your optimal survival and combat performance level, your complex motor skills, your visual reaction time, cognitive reaction time, were all at their highest. But once you get beyond 145, things begin to break down, and these are very crude benchmarks. With different people they vary, but at about 145 your complex motor skills - what's that mean? That means you can't change the frequencies on a radio, and you can't load a magazine, at least it's very, very, very slow, it's very difficult to do.
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We all know about the leaps and bounds of medical technology that's saving lives, just understand that it's happening in our streets. The ratio of those who have died in hospital emergency rooms has been cut in half in just the last ten years. That's one of the major reasons why the murder rate's going down, but you've got to look at the assault rate. The rate at which the citizens of our civilisation have tried to kill one another per capita, has gone up sevenfold in the US since '57; in Canada it's gone up fivefold since '64. I got the Interpol data, very hard data to get a hold of, but basically what Interpol says isn't there. So in the last 15 years the ratio at which the citizens of these nations are trying to kill one another off has gone up fivefold in Norway and Greece, 15 years per capita serious assault rate up fivefold in Norway and Greece. Fourfold in Australia and New Zealand, tripled in Sweden and doubled in a half a dozen other nations.
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